About Sue

Sue Beare

Spiritual Companion

SDI Guidelines for Ethical Conduct

Hello!  I work for ‘Practical Peace’ from my office located in St James Anglican Church in Kingston and online through the medical platform ‘doxy.me’ for those who have significant mobility issues or feel safer during this pandemic in speaking to me from your home.

Specialized listening is my professional focus to provide spiritual care and understanding to any who seek this service. I volunteer as an Honorary Associate priest at St. James Anglican Church, taking part in worship services, a contemplative prayer group, and book studies.

My volunteering with ‘Servicewomen’s Salute Canada’, and as a Chaplain with St John Ambulance in Kingston keeps me engaged in the wider context of helping professionals who are still in uniform or who are retired from challenging careers as Corrections Officers, Medical Professionals, and from militaries around the world.

I have always felt called to advocate for people who may feel marginalised or invisible.  Working alongside colleagues and helping professionals, men and women, who identify as cisgender, transgender, as LGTBQ2S+ has deepened my compassion for those who are survivors of institutional and military sexual trauma.

Working part time as a Chaplain for Corrections Services Canada on call-up contracts, I offer one-on-one Pastoral Counselling sessions for inmates who identify as mentioned above and may also identify as adherents of all the Religions and Spiritualities found in our global community.

In Federal Institutions I have facilitated 12-week ‘Post Traumatic Growth Groups’ comprised of all men, using workbooks of psychosocial support.  During this pandemic, we are all having to recreate learning environments, and whether it is within prison ministry or parish ministry, small group studies may be moved online.

These guided meetings focus on providing support to those who have experienced significant adult trauma within their families and work lives.

Some of the books I’ve recently used are: